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Unions In the News - March 2016

Worker Says UAW Harassed Him Over Right-to-Work Beliefs. - The Detroit News reported on March 8 that Brian Pannebecker, a worker at Ford Motor Co.ís Sterling Axle Plant, filed a complaint against the United Auto Workers Local 228. According to Pannebecker, his local union has been excessively monitoring him and writing him up for minor violations as a result of his outspoken support of Michiganís right-to-work law. If the regional National Labor Relations Board director believes Pannebeckerís case has merit, it will go before a judge.
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- The Detroit News

Teacher Files Right-to-Work Unfair Labor Practice Against Unions. - reported on March 10 that Becky Lapham, a Michigan special education teacher, filed unfair labor practice charges against her local teachers union and the Michigan Education Association. According to Lapham, the union required her to pay dues until June of 2015 even though she resigned from the union in 2014. Michigan is a right-to-work state, and Lapham believes she is covered by the law and thus is not required to pay union dues as a condition of employment.
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Right-to-Work Law Would Benefit Montana Workers. - The Great Falls Tribune featured an opinion piece on March 15 written by the Montana State Director for Americans for Prosperity David Herbst highlighting the ways in which Montanans would benefit from right-to-work legislation. Herbst points out how states with right-to-work laws have seen 4.4 percent job growth rate since 2009 while forced unionism states have seen a job growth rate of just 1.7 percent. He concludes by pointing out that all public or private sector workers deserve to have their right to free association protected.
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- Great Falls Tribune

Rauner-Backed Ideas Draw Some Poll Support. - The Madison Record reported on March 10 that three of Gov. Bruce Raunerís agenda items appeal to voters, including right-to-work legislation. According to polling conducted by the Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, 57 percent of Illinoisans would vote for right-to-work or open-shop laws. Gov. Rauner originally sought to implement right-to-work zones in the state but is now advocating for right-to-work legislation that applies to public sector employment.
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- Madison Record

Where Does Your State Stand on the Right-to-Work? This Project Maps Out the Answers. - The Daily Signal reported on March 16 that the Center for Worker Freedom, a project of Americans for Tax Reform, released its ď2016 Indicator of Labor LibertyĒ maps. The maps feature whether unionism in the public and private sector is voluntary or compulsory. The article also highlights the ongoing legal battle of Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association which could uphold the right to free speech and end mandatory union dues.
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- The Daily Signal

Legislature Gives Voters Opportunity to Declare Alabama a Constitutional Right-to-Work State. - The Yellow Hammer News reported on March 18 that the Alabama State Legislature approved a bill to add right-to-work language to the stateís constitution. Alabama voters will have the opportunity to vote on the provision at the polls in November. Airbus and Remington, two of several companies, have cited Alabamaís right-to-work status as a key reason the businesses relocated to the state.
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- Yellow Hammer News

Right-to-Work Laws and Income Inequality. - The American Enterprise Institute reported on March 23 that right-to-work laws do not cause income inequality. According to a study conducted by the institute, the suppression of income growth in middle and lower groups originates from many different sources in the American economy; however, right-to-work laws are not the reason. The study covered a nearly 50-year period and found that employment growth has shown to be higher in right-to-work states relative to non-right-to-work states.
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- American Enterprise Institute

'Jimmy the Bull' sentenced in federal extortion case involving Teamsters union and $700. - reported on March 23 that James Deamicis was sentenced following the Teamsters union memberís conviction on three extortion accounts. In Deamicisís case, prosecutors urged the judge to send a message to union officials that employers have a right to choose whether to use union labor or not. Deamicis was sentenced to a year and a day of incarceration followed by one year of supervised release.
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Right-to-Work on a Roll, With MO, KY and NH on Deck. - The Washington Times reported on March 24 that right-to-work laws are now enacted in more than half of states. Missouri, Kentucky and New Hampshire are the next states most likely to enact right-to-work legislation, according to the President of the National Right to Work Committee Mark Mix. In addition to action by states, legislation in the United States Congress would repeal provisions in the National Labor Relations Act that permit employers to require that employees join a union.
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- The Washington Times

Maysteel Right-to-Work Case Headed to Federal Court. - The Milwaukee Business News reported on March 25 that Maysteel Industries is seeking to move a case alleging the company violated Wisconsinís right-to-work law to federal court. The lawsuit alleges the company and union violated the law by deducting union dues as a condition of employment. According to Maysteel Industriesí filing, Wisconsinís right-to-work law represents ďan unconstitutional taking of the propertyĒ of the union.
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- Milwaukee Business News

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